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    1. All visitors are required to use SafeEntry system to log their check-in and check-out.
    2. Individuals must maintain safe distancing of at least one metre  at all times. 
    3. All visitors to UHC will need to wear their own mask.
    4. Tele-consultations are strongly encouraged for the following:
      • patients with chronic conditions
      • patients with pre-existing medical conditions and require prescription refill
      • family planning services

    Please email uhcpharmacy@nus.edu.sg and arrangements will be made for a tele-consultation and medicine collection if appropriate. Otherwise, an appointment for a face-to-face consultation will be arranged. 

    Pre-Admission Medical Screenings 

    For information on students’ pre-admission medical screenings, please refer to this page.

    For other enquiries, please contact us at uhc_health@nus.edu.sg 

    Student Insurance

    For student insurance matters including medical, travel or COVID-19 coverage, please refer to this page.

    Learn how to put on a surgical mask properly along with the proper way on how to wash your hands.

    How Can We Help You Today?